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'Target' -- Abstraction Missing
Equivoe: A New Direction in Cryptography
Equivoe-T: Transposition Equivocation Cryptography

AGS Encryptions Ltd.

17 Meir Ya'ari Street
Tel-Aviv 69371 Israel
US Office: P.O.Box 1022, McLean, VA 22101 * 571.214.9814

AGS was established by veterans of Israeli Security Apparatus. Bringing forth lessons, experience, and know-how that are uniquely Israeli, and proven around the world.

AGS is geared to serve the most attractive targets for global cyber assault.

AGS Encryptions prepares threat analysis and provides cryptographic variety defense

Threat Analysis: You deserve a credible quantified statement of the most likely and most harmful threats that you face. Only people who planned such threats themselves will do a good job for you. Remember: threat analysis is the most crucial step in cyber security. If your assailant has more imagination than your threat analyst then you will be a victim of a successful attack, which was not imagined by your analyst. Nobody has AGS expertise. Bring us on board. People with grave cyber security concerns do.

Cryptographic Variety Defense: The severe vulnerability of orthodox cryptography is that it is based on a few well known ciphers, which for many years now have become a focused target for top cryptanalytic shops. Some of them secretly compromised, the rest are soon to be. And be sure that the more difficult and the more costly the cracking of a cipher, the more vigorously guarded the fact that this cipher lost its efficacy. People with grave cyber security concerns come to AGS to fit them with cryptographic variety. Once fitted, our clients are inherently secure against such 'unpublished' cracking of any of the 'highly recommended' orthodox ciphers. Ask for our white paper: "Unorthodox Cryptography"

AGS will continue to push the envelope and advance conceptually new security tools. AGS policy is to act discreetly, respond promptly, and to take very seriously its fiduciary responsibilities towards its clients.