Secure Encryption 1000x faster
To secure large data fluxes from various transponders


We, as a society, have become measured, tracked, sensed, and monitored, and more so every day. Weather, traffic, Homeland Security, law-enforcement, business planning, all get increasingly dependent on a vast array of monitoring stations that in many cases amount to small devices mounted on rails, towers, bridges, or on planes, drones, or satellites. The data may be audio, video, or any chemical or physical measurement taken continuously, 24/7. We face a reality where small and large devices generate a huge flux of data that needs to be communicated real-time to remote data processing centers. These high volume data flows are either broadcast, or funneled through the Internet. In many cases confidentiality is called for. In most occasions the data flow is vulnerable to modification and falsification attacks. In all those circumstances encryption is called for. Alas, the current cipher offerings require a bit-load of computational power, which those transponders simply don't have.

SpeedioeTM operates in speeds which are several order of magnitude faster than the fastest mainstay ciphers today. because Speedioe is not based on complexity mixing between the key and the plaintext, but rather on the preset complexity of the key, which when it is constructed in hardware is thousand times faster than what we are accustomed to.

Let me introduce you to the speed solution for high-flux data flow. Write to me, Gideon Samid. 17 Meir Ya'ari Street Tel-Aviv 69371 Israel +972-544-200-400